The Date is Set!

fraulein_ira | Crap-Bag | Thursday 13 February 2014 7:31 pm

After a marriage proposal in 2012, we started to plan our wedding. A took us a long decision to make, because first of all we had to decide, where we’re going to have the wedding: Singapore-Jakarta-Bali. Because of our differences in culture, etc… So many considerations to make. Also we have many friends in the three cities, my family mostly in Jakarta, his family of course are in Bali, and many running friends and co-workers live in Singapore. Dizzy!

Well.. I’ve always wanted to have a wedding in Bali since I was in college, because I fell in love with the Island, the culture, the beautiful breathtaking view of Bali, and not to mention that I myself used to perform a balinese dance “Panji Semirang” once a year for 7 years since junior high. Geez, who knew that God finally sent me a humble and calm, well-mannered Balinese man, who is also very smart and sporty, to be my soulmate. I admire him very much. He he he. Then, after long discussions with our family and a couple of times making sure in my mind, we agreed to have the ceremony in Bali. Phew. One problem solved.

So, what next is that we need a “special date” that had to be discussed with the elders. In Javanese and Balinese, there are certain dates that is considered to be a good day for having celebrations and dates that we couldn’t. Counting numbers, rules, based on birth dates, based on each culture and also religion considerations. Wow, finding a good date for us is not easy. Dizzy again!

Because of our sweet history with Bali Marathon in 2012, this event also was put into our considerations. We would love to have it near the 2nd Bali Marathon, so our dear runner friends could come. But, in the end we decided we didn’t wanted to have it in 2013. So, we waited till the 3rd Bali Marathon in 2014. Apparently, because of the election year, the BMBM organizers couldn’t set the date early. We couldn’t wait again.. so we settled down with a date chosen by our elders in Bali: 12 October 2014! Finally, preparations could be started! We are so excited!